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principal's Desk

At Indian Convent School, we have crafted an environment where students are always learning. This is not fueled simply by technology, but by offering an ever-evolving and holistic education system; a school that offers all the facilities needed to bring out the best of every student, keeping their pace in mind. To help them go beyond academics and technical skills, we emphasize teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, communication skills and values so that children are prepared for the real world. As a result, we raise students to be capable of competing, innovating and taking their place in the world. A generation of smarter children for a brighter tomorrow is what we intend to make. Here at Indian Convent School, we channelize our students to walk on the path of holistic development that not only develops them into efficient human beings but also as a sensitive, responsible and humane part of the society that wishes to build a society and thereby a nation which progesses and prospers with a golden heart and determined soul.

Bharti Sharma
Indian Convent School, Rohini