Our Facilities


Majestic, air-Conditioned School Building.
Pollution free Campus.
Uninterrupted power supply throughout the day.
Earthquake proof building.

At Indian Convent School, we provide an array of sporting arenas:

Basket ball court
Badminton court
Cricket court
Football court
Volleyball court
Taekwondo area
Yoga area

Students are allowed to use these facilities in their physical education period under expert supervision. Utmost care is taken about the safety and fitness of each student. Thus, the well segregated playground provides plethora of opportunities for the students to discover as well as polish their sports skills.


Indian Convent’s library has an enormous collection of books for students to read and develop a passion for reading. The school library is a store house of books for the students to rejuvenate their horizon of imagination. The library at Indian Convent stocks a total of 8292 books , serving a wide range of authors Like Rabindranath Tagore, Charles Dicken, Anne Frank, Arundhati Roy, Robert Frost, Vikram Seth, Mark Twain, Ruskin Bond, Kiran Desai etc. in the English section. The hindi section is also flourished with renowned writers like Premchand, Amrita Pritam, Jayshankar Prasad, Suryakant Tripathi Nirala, Dharmaveer Bharti etc. The kind of books that are made available to the students range from 'mythology' to 'scientific innovations'. These classics have always proved to nurture the budding writes and visionaries.


Inorder to serve the curiosity of the youngest brigade of Indian Convent School and keep them engaged, mesmerized , enthusiastic while activity based learning, the Kindergarten classrooms are especially fabricated with colorful , bright and story based classrooms. The classrooms for our budding keen learners are equipped with smart boards with a vision that students learn better through observation . The kindergarten classrooms especially focus on hands on activities and learning through touch, playing and demonstration.


An awe inspiring Wifi enabled classrooms comprises of well ventilated rooms and technological sound aids that enables the students to nurture and prepare themselves for the after school arenas of life. The senior classrooms at Indian Convent School include interactive whiteboards that are used for teaching and involve students to learn with technology. Notes, flowcharts , drawings and PPTs are used in the course of teaching . Students are actively involved in their learning through presentations made by them using the whiteboards.


The Physics Lab is equipped with all the scientific instruments required to enhance the comprehensive learning, analytical and logical thinking of students .It enables them to utilize the gathered knowledge in the day to day life. A variety of Physics apparatus is made available to the students to get introduced to and learn the technical fields of optics , electricity, sound etc. thus helping the students to use their theoretical knowledge to construct and work in industrial fields.


The Chemistry lab is equipped with all the modern apparatus applicable for the development of research ,scientific temperament and logical reasoning of the students. A well housed laboratory for performing the experiments and chemical reactions, balance room and a separate store room add to the spacious laboratory . The practice of the reactions and scientific mechanism is introduced to the students with various activities and demonstrations during lab visits. For senior students salt analysis, qualitative analysis of organic compounds and volumetric analysis apart from a variety of core experiments prepare the students for the industry.


At Indian Convent School, the Biology lab is well-equipped to perform experiments and understand the biological concepts. Lab activities focus on various practical skills and reinforce the information acquired in the class. The young biologists get an opportunity to study Anatomy and Morphology of organisms in the Biology lab. Such a learning not only facilitates skill enhancement but also develops interest in subject.


The Music Room at Indian Convent serves students with a platform where they are able to recognize their musical talent, develop love for music and singing, learn classical as well as western music and grasp instrumental training to the fullest. The wide variety of musical instruments are made available to the students in their music periods where they can practice and assimilate musical knowledge to the fullest. The students are trained well to showcase their musical skills in school events as well as inter and intra school competitions.


The Kid’s world is a play zone especially designed to create a blissful, cheerful and amiable aura for the toddlers. The variety of swings ,magical mirrors, ball pool, mini trampoline, slides, safety mats and mini traffic signals provided in the Kid’s world make the school a place where learning is fun for the kids.


To Be Given After Result


Many different people walk through our school doors every day – whether it be prospective students, new members of staff or a parent. We make sure that the first impression we create is a good one. Our school reception area is more than skin deep. A friendly atmosphere helps to reflect the character and ethos of our school. It is a fully functioning central hub for our school where all the administration, paper storage and IT solutions are handled daily. The flow of people within this space is carefully considered. We make sure that our reception area reflects the great place that our school is.